February 24, 2017

Guess It

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Bollywood - Movies, actors, actresses, directors!
This app is all about your very own Bollywood!

Test yourself by completing movie names as fast as you can and find out where you rank! Great for single player anywhere anytime!!!

Look up movie names by year, actor/actress or director! Suitable for dumb charades and other party games!!!

Contains data for Bollywood movies starting from 1970s. Calling all Bollywood movie buffs to compete against others. It is free to play! Enjoy!

* Bollywood movie data compiled from Wikipedia, IMDB.

GuessIt on Android PlayStore

August 10, 2015


Learn and enrich your english vocabulary day-by-day using VocabPower! VocabPower is a free tool designed for learning and testing english on the go!

Cracking the verbal section of the SAT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, MCAT and other exams made a whole lot easier!!!

Two modes of VocabPower -

1) Flash cards: Learn words, their meanings, parts of speech and pronunciations using flash cards. 1200 words available in alphabetical groups!(VocabPowerPro has around 4300 words).

2) Test yourself: Run a quick self-adaptive test and find out where you stand. Test will move on to different levels of difficulty based on your performance. Detailed score analysis and test walk-through options available.(This test actually gives you word meaning choices in the same part of speech to rule out answering by elimination).

If you like VocabPower, try the full version - VocabPowerPro


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